Wednesday, September 7

first day of Kindergarten

Today is Wesley's first day of Kindergarten. I am going to attempt to journal the day on my blog, so keep checking back for updates throughout the day.

6:00am - I am up and trying to wake up. I've checked, and rechecked, that I have all the forms, etc. that I'm supposed to take with me for his first day. The emergency kit is packed and ready.

6:40am - Wesley is still sleeping and I'm trying to calm my nerves. I've got to make his lunch and then get in the shower. Be back in a bit.

7:55am - We're out the door. Stopping to take a couple of pictures before we go.

8:20am - Said goodbye to Wesley as he left the gym with the rest of his class and teacher to head off to the classroom. Didn't cry, but almost.

8:30am - Home again. Jake was looking for Wesley. Mrs. Dohring handed out little gifts to the parents. A small gift bag with a cotton ball, a tissue and a tea bag along with a very sweet note. Now I'm tearing up.

8:32am - Called Grandma and Grandpa to fill them in on the morning's events. Both Grandma and I had a good cry.

9:15am - Tried to call Stacie. She's probably still out getting Michael. So, here I am catching up with the journaling. It sure is quiet around here.


Stacie said...

Honey, you are so sweet!
Don't worry-his "giant" will be fine!

Stacie said...

I LOVE THAT PHOTO!!! HE looks so SWEET!!! :D

Jessica B. said...

Adorable photo! He looks like such a big kid :D Glad the morning went well.

Liss said...

I can't even beging to know what it's like to send your little one to school for the first time...but think of it this way. Kindegarten is the most fun ever...he'll have a great year!