Saturday, September 17

Saturday morning ramblings

Sheesh! This week sure went by quickly. I guess that happens when you're running here and there and everywhere else. LOL Got a lot accomplished around the house, got the Snazzy Scraps October kit pulled together and sent out to the designers, did a little shopping (and splurged on a new pair of Liz Claiborne short boots for me), and signed up to be "lunch lady" on Sept. 28th for Wesley's class (they do hot lunches once a week). All in all a good week!

Still looking for a "real" job. I was really hoping that I would have heard something from one of the places I sent a resume to, but nada. The one closed on Sept. 2nd, and since I still haven't heard anything, I guess I'm not in the running for that. There's still hope that I'll hear something from The City of Olympia. That didn't close until this past Tuesday, and I have a friend who works there who is hopefully putting in a good word for me. I'll give her a ring early next week to see where they are in the hiring process. Keep your fingers crossed.

Today we're going to the HFS Back to School picnic. Wesley is just loving school and is really looking forward to the picnic. I'm looking forward to seeing all the volunteer opportunities available and getting myself commited to work off my "support" hours (30 hours per family). LOL Not really, but I want to get them signed up for and done as quickly as possible so that I don't have to worry about them later in the year. After the picnic we might head over to the LSS to hang out for a bit. Or, maybe, if the mojo I think is starting to come back actually arrives (dare I say it) I might just try to get some scrapping done tonight. It'll be hard without my scrappin' buddy who's been MIA all week long even after many messages and attempts to contact her. Maybe my Sis will want to "chat and scrap" tonight? We'll see.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! Stay warm, dry, etc. if you're in a climate like mine today (45 degrees and have the heater on already). If you're like some others I know... stay cool and comfortable. Crack open a cold one and enjoy!

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Jessica B. said...

I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you. surely a job opportunity will come up soon!

And you make me don't even have to ask, geekbomb!