Wednesday, September 28

no, this pasta is really great!

I've done a lot of cooking in my time. I started when I was just a kid, spending time with my Grandma Smith in the kitchen, watching every move she made. My Mom taught the Girl Scout cooking badge requirements. Then I went to work for the lady across the street who owned her own catering business. (Okay, not a lot of cooking with her. It was mostly bagels and lox, gefilte fish, and blintzes.) Of course I cooked for myself, and roomates, during and after college. And then there was the ocassional "date" cooking (food... not something else). I married, cooked for a husband, and along came Wesley and I cooked for him. Then the divorce, so back to just me with the ocassional coaxing to get a very opinionated five year old to try something new. And back to cooking for others when hosting crops at the LSS.

Like I said, I've done a lot of cooking in my time!

Today I cooked (and served) for 14 Kindergarteners. What does one make for a Kindergarten hot lunch program? Especially when the teacher and assistant teacher are eating too? Pasta. It's the easiest, cheapest, quickest, and most kid friendly thing I can think of all rolled into one. Toss in a green salad with every kid's favorite... ranch dressing, and brownies for dessert, and you've got a crowd pleaser.

So much so, I was shocked:

- 6 came back for seconds on pasta
- 3 came back for seconds on salad
- one of those 3 already mentioned came back for third's on salad
- the teachers wanted the recipe (LOL)
- Wesley said, "Mom, your pasta is great!"
- another boy said, "No, your pasta is REALLY great!!!"

And, to boot, the three year old sister of one of Wesley's classmates told her mom (my serving helper) "Momma... she's pretty" referring to me.

Now those are the best compliments I've had in a long, long time!

Bon appetit!


Jessica B. said...

What a sweet, happy story!! :oD
FWIW, I think you're pretty, too! Remember when I tried to tell you what a Hot Mama you are?!
And, when we finally get together - I'm going to let you cook for me, and my brood, too! ;o)

Anonymous said...

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