Monday, June 13

My mundane world

I've come to the conclusion that I lead a very mundane life! Well, I've actually known this for a long time, I'm just finally admitting it in a public forum. My days all seem to blur from one to another. And I suppose there's nothing wrong with mundane, but sometimes I guess I just wish for a little more.

I have friends who's lives seem to be full of the unexpected. One who's husband has won a seat in the World Poker Tournament next month in Las Vegas. Another who's digital designs (that I am in awe of) have given her the opportunity to be a guest speaker in a public forum talking about herself, her work, and digital design. Friends who are on multiple design teams... some for manufacturers.

Don't get me wrong! I am not feeling slighted that these wonderful things are happening to these great people. I guess sometimes I just wish there was something more than just the 'regular' in my life. Get up, read email, make the rounds at various sites, and listen to "Mommy, why do you have to work all the time?" Then feel guilty that I'm actually trying to make something out of the small little business I've started, and stop doing work to play with my son. And this is just the first day of the summer break! I don't know what I'll be thinking, or doing, or bitching about in a month.

Life is funny though. Whenever I feel like I should have it better, I hear about someone who's worse off than me. Take my neighbor for example. She died. In February. I didn't know until just last week. Why? Well, she lived a few doors up and the only meetings I ever had with her were on several occasions when she locked herself out and found me home to use my phone. She seemed like a really nice person. Same with her husband. But, with the lovely Pacific Northwest weather, many of us are not out to be seen during the winter months. So the other day, as I smoked a cigarette out front and was talking on the phone, a friend of her's came by with a flyer about donations for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk supporting the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Natalie (my former neighbor) never had breast cancer. But, she signed up to participate in the walk because she 'wanted to make a difference'. Only she will never walk because she fell to her death over 400 feet trying to save her dog Phoebe who had fallen off the edge of a cliff. She made a difference. Phoebe is alive and well. If you are so inclined, you can make a donation to the cause by visiting, click on Seattle, WA, then 'more' under the Team Rank box, and donate to any of the members under Friends of Natalie Chambers.

Life is strange. And sometimes I feel like a stranger.


Becky said...

Wow! So sorry to hear that about your neighbor. And make a difference in my life :)

Alicia said...

How sad, about your neighbor!

I really think your business is going to take off and soon you'll be busy like me, with no time for mundane. :) Because I may be busy with my business and working, but I am so very boring it's well...boring, lol. Except for one local friend, I live for my friends online or I would be very much all by myself.

I really hate the "why do you have to work so much" question. Breaks your heart, huh?

Nicole said...

I love being mundane :) No stress lovey! (((HUGS))) cause you sound like you need 'em and I love to give 'em!

Jessica B. said...

Hey, can we start a club for the impressively-mundane?