Saturday, May 28

The "quarter million dollar tenements"

Though I would love to take credit for this phrase, I can't. It was muttered by one of my neighbors a few weeks ago when we were commiserating about how some of the homeowners in our subdivision were maintaining their properties. We have an HOA, and a property management company (take that term very loosely), yet it seems lately that the neighborhood is going to hell.

With the lower interest rates available right now, more and more of the homeowners in our area are renting their properties. Fine... as long as you maintain an active presence as the "home owner" and make sure that the property doesn't devaluate. Weeds growing out of cracks. Grass as high as mid-thigh. Bubba and his 6 kids running amok and knocking out three panels of the back fence. I don't see any maintenence here, do you?

Which leads me to the lack of management from our new "property management" company. Our last company maintained the public/community areas. There were beautiful flowers. The planters were weed free. They also drove around and inspected the neighborhood. And, if you were in violation, you got what I fondly call a "nastygram" from them. When you wanted to make improvements on your home, you had to submit the changes and get them approved by the board. I had to jump through hoops to get my paint scheme approved when we resided and painted our house. (For those of you who don't know my color scheme... eggshell and brick red trim.) Since when is painting your garage door, the trim of your home, your front door, and even your planter boxes black part of the approved color list for the neighborhood? Management? Maintenence? Not so much!!!

So, what prompted me to complain about this today? Last night at a little after 10pm, as I was outside smoking, two cars pulled up and parked across the street in front of my neighbor's house. The one who fondly coined the phrase "quarter million dollar tenements". He was out in his garage working on the train track he's building. These teenage boys, who I know do NOT live in our neighborhood proceed to get out of their cars and "hang out". I've put up with this crap at the past two houses I've lived in, and I vowed I wouldn't put up with it again. So, I asked them if they were lost. "Nope, just waiting for someone." I told them "Not on our street you aren't. Go wait somewhere else." After some sassing and back talk from them, I assured them if they didn't leave I would "call the police to escort them to a more appropriate waiting area". After a few more nasty comments, they got in their cars and took off. Where was my neighbor? Getting a baseball bat and the phone off his wall in the garage.

The "quarter million dollar tenements"! Anyone looking for a new house? We've got some waiting for you.


Stacie said...

Oh, girl, I'm sorry you have to deal with that. That was the one thing I hated about living in the townhouse-and that was BEFORE Michael was even thought of!
Something you might want to do is call the police during the day and just tell them of the activities going on and ask if there is any way to request an extra patrol through the neighborhood. We did at the townhouse and they actually told us that they were just about to start a new patrol because it seemed to be getting to be a little 'crazy'. We saw them every night-several times, actually, and it made a significant difference in the neighborhood.
Is there any possibility of contacting the management to see if there will be flowers this year, etc?

Lisa said...

The neighbor I mentioned... his dad is on the police force for the city. So, if there's any problems, Officer "Grandpa" Jerry will be on top of it! ;) As for the property management group, my neighbor and I have already decided to raise hell at the next HOA meeting. He's even going to put a bid in to be on the board. LOL

Terri said...

I'm thinking you're pretty darn lucky it was just a verbal exchange with those kids!! Your story scared me!!! Geeze Louise girlfriend!!!

I am sorry you have to deal with all that crap. Go raise some hell at the next meeting!!!


Stacie said...

True-I would never say a word to any kids in our area (well, not our neighborhood, but in our previous neighborhoods).
YEAH! I hope he gets on the board and cleans it up!

Alicia said...

Ugh. Hate to hear about a crappy property management company not doing their job. Most owners here have gardeners and such to come by and keep the places up, seems to be the key.

Hope the mangy lil rats go away. :(

Sara said...

If I had a quarter million dollars, I'd come move in there. We're quiet. We don't have big parties. I could have a garden... It would be a good thing.