Saturday, July 9

in need of therapy

It's not an obsession any more... it's a disease! And it's spreading too. In just the past few days, I've heard cries of help from others, panic stricken with this same disease I suffer from. I hope you didn't catch it too!!

I know many of you have this very same disease but are too embarassed and ashamed to admit it. It's okay, really! I understand. I'm suffering from it too. Oh, I tried to get rid of it by passing it on to others, but they sent it right back to me. I tried giving it away, but it grows and spreads like a cancer. It starts with the unopened bags that sit waiting for attention. Then it moves to being sorted and added to the out of control piles already accumulated. And finally, it radiates an aura of "but what if this truly ISN'T the right project to use this with".

What is it? Paper hoarding.

Let's all join hands together and say, "My name is _________, and I am a paper hoarder!"


Becky said... name is BECKY and not only do I hoard paper but everything else I can get my little scrapping hands on (as I am opening yet another box full of stuff ordered just the other day)

Jessica B. said...

Paper hoarder and proud!!! :oD

Stacie said...

Hi, my name is Stacie, and I, too, am a paper hoarder. Why buy 2 sheets when you can buy 5??

Sara said...

Yes, I am a paper hoarder.

Stephanie said...

My name is Stephanie and I found out just how much of a paper hoarder I am when I had to pack it all into boxes (and boxes *blush*).