Saturday, August 20

survival of the fittest

When life gives me lemons, I run and hide. Seriously! I go into hibernation until I can figure out what to do next. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. This past week was a pseudo hibernation week for me. Lots to figure out. Lots of challenges thrown my way. Some I've conquered (like replacing my car battery yesterday after finding my "dead" car stuck in the garage). And some I've merely taken steps to correct. I think what bothers me more than the actual problems is the constant pressure to placate those who think they need to be involved.

As this week ends, I am looking forward to a new week... a better week. I am a survivor in this evil game we call life.


Becky said... ARE a survivor and sometimes those baby steps are all we can do at the moment. Hugs. Love ya

Stacie said...

You know you need to be placating me! ;) I totally understand! You know I'm the same way!

BTW, go into your settings on blogger, click on comments tab, and then click yes next to word verification for comments, then republish your blog. No one else will be able to spam you anymore.

Stacie said...

Um, you're going to have to find a new way to survive if I am forced to set up autoblogger to make blog entries for you...

Nicole said...

I just think you're neat :) I want a wild, rough cowboy to ride in and sweep you right off your feet! When it happens, you can tell us ALL about it, eh?