Friday, November 9

to the left, to the left, to the left

Don't worry, I'm not channeling Beyonce. Last month I had this completely out-of-nowhere random moment where I asked you all to look at your activity patterns and see if you tend to do things on/with the right or the left. I bet you thought that'd be the end of it? Guess again. I'm back again to remind you about it. Have you analyzed yourself? I'm sure some of you who will remain nameless have overanalyzed it.

Really, I'm not here to torture you or make you go into a panic thinking about your habits again. I just happened to notice, that on several occassions in the past couple of weeks since I wrote about this, my patterns have slightly changed. Take my socks and shoes, for instance. I used to put both socks on first, starting with the right, and then the shoes, also starting with the right. All of a sudden, as if I'm subconsciously aware of it, I've stopped that rotation and have moved onto right-sock, right-shoe followed by left-sock, left-shoe. Weird, huh?

The most notable action I've noted is getting out of bed to the left. I've only done it less than a handful of times, and not conscously, but after having what I considered to be a pretty good day I noticed I'd risen on the left for that day. Now admit it. That's weird.

This got me to thinking (uh oh... you knew that was coming) about the differences between right brained and left brained people. After reading a few articles, and taking a few tests I still can't figure out my brain. I keep hitting the middle of the line with no dominant side. Even when I look at this picture it changes on me when I look away from it. When I first looked at the picture she was spinning counter-clockwise. I glanced away for a moment to look at the article and noticed out of the corner of my eye she was spinning clockwise. Does she spin in different directions for you too?

Maybe it's like I told Sue. I lost my brain a couple of days ago and really needed it for something today, but couldn’t find it. Have you seen it? My cranium's feeling a bit empty without it.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

She switches directions for me, too. Matter of fact, I am pretty sure it's a big ploy to make us THINK we are losing it, when, REALLY, she is actually turning one way for a bit and then flipping to the other way. I also think she gave me the bird.

Lisa said...

psp - I knew she was evil! I saw her flippin' me the bird too. ;)

kilax said...

I only saw her going clock-wise... and I think the right side of the brain list is definitely me, but I am going to stare at her for awhile!

I wonder what I will find out if I pay more attention to my habits!

Lisa said...

kilax - Keep watching. She'll flip for ya. Or maybe not if you're not a freak like me.

Bill said...

Well, first she was turning counter-clockwise, then I just started getting dizzy, then I couldn't stop looking at her chest and now I think I have a crush on her. Tried to get her number but she just kept spinning. That's so hot. Just keep ignoring me, it makes me want you even more.

jenny said...

that spinny chick ticks me off! i've seen this before, but this time she changed like four times and i always miss when 'it' happens. errgh. i guess i'm a super freak!

Whiskeymarie said...

I think I saw your brain thumbing a ride on the freeway this morning.

You should tell your brain not to hitchhike- it's really not safe these days.

Oh, and- I saw both ways too, mostly clockwise.

Lisa said...

bill - She is a pretty hot sillouette, isn't she?

jenny - Welcome to the freak club!

whiskeymarie - And you didn't offer it a ride? How rude!