Sunday, November 11

sunday seven (issue 3)

It's been a busy weekend around here, so you get the abbreviated version of the Sunday Seven this week.
1. New glasses
3. Having friends be there when you're down rocks! Thanks man!!
4. Baby M was born on Thursday making my friend MM a very proud Grandma.
5. As we head into conference week at school I actually breathe easy and know that the little man is on top of it.
6. The Halloween decor has been packed away for another year.
7. Hallowee candy is my enemy.
Coming tomorrow: slackers-r-us


Anonymous said...

You still have Halloween candy? I kinda wish I had some right now ;O.

Marni said...

He is so flippen cute!

creative-type dad said...

Halloween candy is no longer my enemy because I ate it all.

jenny said...

halloween candy is my enemy too! i have two freakin' bags left!

Lisa said...

Hilly - Don't tempt me to mail it to you!

Marni - Thanks, I think so too! :)

Tony - Yes, well that's what men do. But they never wonder why, or complain about eating it or anything else for that matter. It's just not fair!!

Jenny - Yikes! I hope it's the yucky kind. ;)