Friday, November 16

field trip day

Today was field trip day for our "team" at work. Well, some of our team, that is. Some decided working was more important than having our little "team building exercise" (aka field trip) of heading out to the Cabela's Grand Opening.

Just for the record I haven't participated in a single "team" activity since starting there, but this one was too good to pass up. Not only were we going to one of the coolest stores I've ever seen on opening day, we were leaving at 3pm on a Friday. Yay team!

Check out some of the features it has:
  • A towering mountain replica, the centerpiece of the store's open showroom, with running waterfalls and streams, a trout pond and trophy animals in re-creations of their distinct habitats. Similar mountains, each called Conservation Mountain, have been built in other Cabela's stores as monuments to wildlife and salutes to the sportsmen and women who support wildlife conservation.
  • A gigantic, walk-through, freshwater aquarium stocked with fish native to the area.
  • Museum-quality representations of many wild-game species.
  • A deli-style restaurant will feature delicious wild-game sandwiches, as well as tamer fare.
  • World-class Gun Library, providing gun collectors and aficionados the opportunity to browse through a collection of examples of the gun-making art.
  • Shooting gallery providing fun along with the opportunity to learn basic shooting skills in a safe environment.
  • Indoor archery range where archers can test and fine-tune their equipment.
  • Bargain Cave, featuring discount prices on returned and discontinued merchandise.
  • A sun-drenched atrium interior featuring authentic fieldstone accents and wood furnishings.
  • Beautifully landscaped grounds featuring native trees and plants.

It really is too cool and a great way to end a very long, very busy, very crazy week!


Bill said...

That is my type of field trip! To give you some perspective my work, where I am one of only two men (not as sexy as it sounds)had a field trip to Sephora, the make-up store. Sure I could have used some eye-liner, but I stayed in the office instead. The sun-drenched atrium sounds blissful...Blissful? Christ's sake I hope they hire a few more guys soon.

Chag said...

When I was young, I loved to fish. The Cabela's catalog was like porn to me.