Friday, November 23

i've joined the ranks of bargain hunters

I am insane!

Okay, so that was established a long time ago, most recently when I lost my brain. I obviously haven't found it yet because for the first time in all my 40 years I actually got up at 4am and headed out the door armed and ready to spend money. The good news is, I was successful. And the best news.....I am officially (almost) done Christmas shopping.

It was insane!

Never having gone out on Black Friday I really didn't know exactly what to expect. Of course I'd seen the pictures and news coverage of all the insanity, but somehow I had a hard time believing it until I found myself trying to find a parking space at 4:55am in an already small Circuit City parking lot that was packed to the hilt with parked cars, more than 200 people lined up outside the store, and other motorists as stupid as me circling the lot. WTH was I thinking? I immediately ditched that idea and drove across the street to park in the barren mall parking lot.

Store #1, Circuit City - Success! Madden '08 in hand, I waited for nearly an hour in line and kept thinking I should look for more to buy to make my wait worthwhile.

Store #2, Toys 'R Us - Another success! Lego Star Wars sets, a little something for Piper, and yet another light saber. One can never have too many light sabers, can they?

Store #3, Target - Armed with PJ's, clothes, a screamin' deal on a 32MB memory card for the PS2, and a Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder I hopped in the shortest line.....the pharmacy.....and was out the door 15 minutes later.

By 8:15am I was home again.

Having 90% of my Christmas shopping done before the final week leading up to Christmas is a first for me too. Yay me!!


kilax said...

It's awesome that it went so well! That is what makes the Black Friday shopping worth it. It can be a disappointment when you don't get the things you want.

One can never have too many light sabers, can they? Of course not!

Bill said...

I've never indulged the Black Friday madness. It's just too much fighting and grabbing and waiting. Sounds like my honeymoon. Happy to read to got your hands on the toys/games you had on your list. you're a good mom for braving the whackos out there. Home by 8:15? I got up at 8:15 today ;)

jenny cook said...

girl - i give you props for braving any store on that day! i did it once and i'm not sure i'll ever do it again. glad to hear you're almost done with your shopping! that's a great feeling!

Sizzle said...

i'm impressed...and think you are crazy!

creative-type dad said...

Can you do my Christmas shopping too?

sue said...

You are insane and I'm so jealous. I have nothing done yet.