Sunday, October 14

right or left?

Do you ever have one of those moments when you're going about your ususal routine and all of a sudden stop to analyze it? No!? Okay, maybe I'm just a freak, but it happened to me last week and it's been on my mind ever since.

It all started the other morning when I sat down on the edge of the bed to put my socks and shoes on. Halfway through pulling my left sock up (right sock already on) it hit me. Do I always put my right sock on before my left? And what about my shoes? Do they have a special order too?

Apparently they do, and so do many other activities in my life as I discovered throughout the week. For example, my hair. I realized I always start drying my hair on the left side of my head before the right. Even the brushing and straightening starts on the left. Walking up or down a flight of stairs I always start with my right foot. And when I brush my teeth, it's the left side that gets to enjoy their cleaning first.

Being that I'm right handed I would have assumed that everything I do would start on the right, but as you can see from the list above, it simply isn't true. The one activity I found that isn't always the same (but at least 95% of the time) is getting out of bed. The right side is the leader on this one, but every so often the left side gets a turn.

Now that you know for sure I'm a freak, and possibly even have a few OCD tendencies, why not observe yourself and see if there's a pattern to your activities? I can't possibly be the only one thinking about this. Besides, now that I've implanted the idea in your brain you'll be consciously noticing your idiosyncracies whether you want to or not. You're welcome for that!


Anonymous said...

Greeeat, now I am going to spend the next few days analyzing myself, I just know it!

Marni said...

I do the exact same with my hair and teeth! I've also realized that I do everything with my right hand but eat... for that I use my left.

Funny how we fall into those habits and not even realize it.

Savy said...

I'm the reverse freak of that. I do whatever on whatever side whenever. I even swap which way my hair parts as it suits me. I'm chaos incarnate I guess!

Groove said...

I drink.

I become intoxicated.

I fall down and bruise something above my waist.

Yup, definite pattern. I'm a freak.

Sizzle said...

i am very concerned that now i am going to be hyper-aware of my own right/left tendencies. oh no! :)

maybe you do the left side of things first because you are using your right hand?

the weirdgirl said...

I am not even going to start noticing! That's just a trap I don't need to get into. Bad woman, bad!

(Besides I start drum lessons tonight and I figure I'll soon be all about counting drum beats for everything.)

Lisa said...

Hilly, how's the analyzing going? Hehe!

Marni, are you right or left handed? I used to be somewhat ambidextrous, but notsomuch anymore.

Savy, must be that artsy side of you!

Groove, have I mentioned vacation's over? lol

Sizzle, hope you're not obsessing over it! I analyze everything to death, and yes, must be because I'm right handed.

Weirdgirl, I am bad! How'd the drum lessons go?

Freak Magnet said...

I do everything the same way you do.


Marni said...

I am totally right handed... the only one in my little family. Carl and both kids are lefties.