Sunday, February 18

bras, panties, and other assorted feminine things

I am in love!

Yes, you heard me. In love!!

No, not with the girl pictured to the right, though she is stunning. I'm in love with the bra she's wearing. It's one from Vicky's Angels by VS Secret Embrace line. I got two - Poinsettia Red and Black. Okay, mine don't have the cutesy little butterflies on them, just a soft floral applique on the one side, nor do I look as hot and sexy as she does wearing them, but seriously, these are the MOST comfortable bras I've ever owned. And you want to know the best part? Saving $25. That's right - $25 off and a pair of free panties. How can you go wrong with that?

Speaking of panties, good Lord. Could there be any more options out there to choose from? I mean really. Bikinis. Boyshorts. Hiphuggers. Briefs. And my personal favorite - Thongs. Watch this then read on. And don't keep reading figuring you don't need to watch the video, or will watch it later. Look at it now or my story won't be nearly as funny. Even if you've seen it before because I'm sure it's been floating around the internet for awhile now, watch it again.

Okay, see ya in a minute.

Kotex Classic - video powered by Metacafe

Did you watch the video? Don't lie to me. I hate liars. Okay, well then let me tell you a funny story now that you've seen it.

So, I got this video sent to me in email earlier this week from my friend Terri. I then sent it on to a few more friends, including Stacie, who incidently will be here in 59 days. Well Stacie and I, doing what we do best, started talking about the video and laughing our asses off.

I said, "You know what kills me about that video? The clips where the girls are wearing low rise pants and the straps are sticking out the top - like how some girls wear their thongs today." She laughed and said, "I know. It's freakin' hysterical!"

As I said above, my personal favorite style of panties are thongs. Well this video, and my comment, got me going on a complete tangent about thong panties hanging out the back of low-rise pants. I mean really! Is it so hard to adjust your panties so they aren't hanging out? It reminds me of when the guys started wearing their pants ten sizes too big so they were practically hanging off the bottom of their butt cheeks while their boxers poured out over the top of the waist band that was strategically tied with a rope or something just so they wouldn't end up at their ankles. Talk about a poor fashion statement.

So now, here are these girls watching the tacky, bimbos like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan sporting their thong panties pulled fully up their butt cracks so they can be seen hanging out of the back of their ultra low-rise pants. Yes, I'm aware that sometimes when sitting or bending the pants will shift and a bit of the thong panty sticks out over the top, but when you're in an upright position and you see more panty than you should see showing like some sort of tasteless fashion statement, ugh. Really. It's ridiculous.

Of course there is one thing worse than showing off your thong panties. That would be sporting no panties at all. Why, oh why, would girls want to go au naturale under their jeans? Good Lord. I don't know about you, but I wear my jeans to fit. No, they're not painted on, but they fit around all the curves and places they're supposed to. And where do you think the biggest seam in a pair of jeans is? And not only one, but two seams joining together?? Right in the kootch. That's right. Right were if you walk, or sit, or bend the right direction and keep subtly moving around you're likely to find it a pleasurable sensation and then... oooh... aaahh. Um, yeah. All over your jeans. Not. So. Much. If want to walk around pleasuring yourself might I suggest this. It works much better for whenever you want to "make it happy".

But please. Wear some damn panties.


Groove said...

hehe...You said kootch....and linked to one of the best remote controlled toys Santa could ever fit in his bag....

'Tis a good Sunday.

Stacie said...


By the way, the Google ad to the right says "Bra-llelujah!" hehehehe, the thumpers would be insane over that one! ;)

creative-type dad said...

Too Funny!

I always thought the word "panty" was pretty funy. Guys were just underwear, women "Panties"...

Marni said...

That video is freakin' hilarious!

I need to look into the bra you mentioned. I need something pretty and comfortable. Thanks for the tip!

Jessica said...

Well, yeah...the purple thing is discreet. ROFL. :P