Wednesday, February 21

happy birthday, and that's about it

Today is someone's birthday. Of course it's really many someone's birthdays, but I'm talking about my friend, Groove. And since he'll give me shit for even posting this, I might as well go the whole way and make it worth it. So, I've got two things - a little request and a little ode to my friend.

You, my readers, lurkers or regular commenter's alike, are requested to leave your birthday wishes for Groove on this post. The more the merrier!

I will leave my birthday message in the form of an ode.

Ode to My Friend Groove

Your name is Groove
and you often act rude,
except for the times
you feel the need to be lewd.

You're evil and silly,
and smart as a whip,
but one thing's for certain,
you don't take any shit.

The tough act you flaunt
makes everyone stare,
so I won't let them know
you're a big teddy bear.

You've given me guidance,
support, and laughing fits,
and rained piss on my "party"
when I'm down in the pits.

So, today, on your birthday
I just wanted to say,
you're a friend to the end.
Now go have fun... and get laid.

Happy Birthday Groove!!


Stacie said...


Happy Birthday, Hu!!!

WAAAY better than my birthday message, Lisa. Your poem rocks the house, chica!

Lisa said...

Dear Groove,
I hope this is the best birthday of your life.

Sizzle said...

Dear Groove,
Are you single? ;)

Happy birthday!

Groove said...

I got out of bed in a rush
My head still spinning cuz I'm a Lush
Why did you take the time
To write a poem that doesn't rhyme
I don't get it but thanks very much

Groove said...

Holy shit did I write that?

Marni said...

Happy birthday, Groove!

Steven Novak said...

Happy birthday to Groove!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to Groove. Thanks for taking care of Sis!

Liss said...

I sent an's the least i could do ;)

stacie said...

An ass? LOL