Sunday, February 4

got any new music lately? or how about a movie?

I did! It all started last week when I saw the new Norah Jones album Not Too Late was released. I already had her other two albums and listen to them frequently, so knew I needed to get the latest. It's awesome! Just like the other two.

But I didn't stop there. Last night I went shopping and picked up a baker's dozen of assorted music from various artists including Rosie Thomas, James Blunt, KT Tunstall, Mark Joseph, and Amos Lee. Some very good stuff! Have you got anything new lately? Tell me about it.

I also saw the most hilarious movie. The Aristocrats. No. Not The Aristocats. Disney would have a heart attack before he's put his name on this movie. You have to see this. If you want raunchy, side-splitting humor beyond measure, rent this movie now. I seriously thought I'd pee my pants. It's a documentary about a private joke that's been passed on from comedian to comedian throughout the years since Vaudeville. It's disgusting, shocking, hysterical fun told by some of the best comedians out there.

Other than that the weekend was pretty much the same as most weekends around here. A little laundry. A little cleaning. A little football. A little craziness. All in all good. Hope yours was the same.

Oh, and lest I forget the Joke of the Day...

Rabbi: Do you know why Moses wandered the desert for 40 years?
Little Joey: Because he wouldn't ask for directions?



Jessica B. said...

Mmmmmm.....James Blunt. :) The last thing I got were a couple songs from Gwen Stefani's latest album.

Lesley said...

I am really loving that new Norah Jones too! I also got the acoustic KT Tunstall -- quite good.

I thought "The Aristocrats" was pure genius! What a funny funny movie. I had rented it but then I picked up a copy for keeps because it's just that good.

btw, I was a good girl and did the meme you tagged me with! Although I'm a little worried my answers were boring. Oh well -- it was a Monday morning blog, I can't expect a miracle then!

Liss said...

I need some new may have inspired me...i'll have to look up your artists and see if i like them. I know i like Nora Jones and James Blunt...haven't hears of the other ones ;)

I have the movie The is hilarious. I have a friend that went to an art house showing of it before it was released. she got me to buy it and i don't regret it! the jokes of the day