Thursday, February 8

it's either all or nothing

Holy crow!!

I have not one, but TWO interviews scheduled for next week!!! Both called sometime between leaving the house at 12:45pm and walking in the door with a shitload of grocery bags. I almost broke my neck tripping over the dog to answer the phone.

Monday morning is with another state agency and Tuesday morning is a non-profit association. I think I'd be happy with either so I just hope this isn't one of those we already know who we're hiring but need to interview our obligatory number of people anyway sort of deals. Besides that, I just really want to move out of the UI payscale and into the JOB payscale. Hehe!!

Anyway, if you could send some good vibes my way, I'd really appreciate it! I'll be a nervous wreck come Sunday. So maybe sending some calm vibes would be good too.


Jessica said...

woot! woot!! Good luck, sista! ;)

I'll be sending lots of calming and good luck vibes your way! :)

Sizzle said...

that's great!

just remember, they aren't just interviewin you- you are also interviewing them. you have a lot to offer!

Lisa said...

jessica: Thanks Sis!!

sizzle: Good advice! And thanks for the support!!

Stacie said...

You know the vibes have been coming from my direction. :D