Tuesday, February 7

why do people have to be that way?

What in the hell makes people think that they are better than you? That they can bitch you out, hang up on you, and then fabricate a story to cover their ass??? In case you haven't noticed, I am more than a little pissed right now.

Background: I am on the procurement team for the annual auction committee at my son's school. One of my duties was to call last years live auction doners and see if they were going to procure the same (or similar) item(s) for this years auction. Everyone I was calling is a parent at the school, so it's not like cold calling... or telemarketing. Or is it?

Last night: Call the first parent. Resounding YES!!! I am feeling good. Next person, have to leave a message. Person after that... wrong number, with a somewhat cranky person. Okay... moving on. Then I get to Cathie. (I'd like to post her last name too, but just in case... I won't.) Anyway, phone rings and the automated voice answers with the obligatory "You have reached a number that does not accept solicitations...." message. Well (I think), I am not a solictor. I am another parent from the same school. Push "1".

Cathie: "Hello" (said in your nastiest voice)

Me: "Hello, this is Lisa from (insert school name here). I am on the procurement team for the auction committee and am calling about the (wonderful whatever it was) that you procured last year. We are hoping that we can count on you to procure the same item this year." (sing-songy, trying to sell something voice)

Cathie: "I am on the decorating team for the auction committee. I have been to every committee meeting and I have no idea who you are, but I am NOT procuring anything this year... that is YOUR job!" (again, very nasty)

Again I tried to say that I was just calling based on the list from last year, and.......... click. She hangs up on me.

I sat there with my mouth open, headset on, pen poised to make notes, and then realized what had just happened. I hung up the phone and called my co-procurement person, told her everything (while it was still fresh in my mind), and didn't make any more calls.

Today: My co-procurement person calls and tells me about a conversation at the school. Cathie and another auction committee person tell her that I called last night and said "if you don't do this, you are letting the kids down". Jesus Christ!!! It's the truth, but it didn't pass out of my mouth! Why can't people tell an accurate account of a conversation? Oh, wait a minute.... I know... because it might incriminate them. She proceeds to tell her about how she's "quitting the committee" blah blah blah. Well wah wah wah!!! WHATEVER!!!! If anyone should be quitting, it's me for having to put up with this bullshit.

Tomorrow: Don't know if I'll go to tomorrow nights meeting or not. Part of me wants to go and bitch slap her. But with having to take Wesley with me... that wouldn't be pretty. The other part of me wants to stay home, drink a beer, and forget about the entire auction.

What will I decide? Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!


Jessica B. said...

UGH! what a PITA!! Seems to me she was just looking for any excuse to get off the committee and your phone call just happened to be her excuse...lame as it is. (((hugs))) I vote for stay home and drink a beer! ;)

Sara said...

Now that's just bitchy. There is no reason for her to lie. If she wants to be selfish, that's her right, but she doesn't have to be a Grade A Bitch on Wheels at the same time. Grrr....