Friday, February 17

colder than cold

There is just something wrong with the high for the day being 32 and the low for tonight projected to be 12. I'm beginning to see why Terri lives in Florida! As if my almost $200 heating bills the past three months haven't been bad enough, now it's even colder than it was then. Ugh!!

I worked at home today. Good thing too since the site lost power for several hours and virtually everyone went home to work. Well, those who weren't being slackers anyway! (Not mentioning any names, but they know who they are.) Day went pretty quick, and now we're looking at a nice, relaxing three day weekend. Of course not working on Monday (President's Day) puts a whole in the paycheck, but the way things keep changing around the office, there might not be a paycheck (or at best a dramatically reduced one) coming in for much longer. So I'm going day by day with a "Stacie party smile" plastered to my face. :D

Got the next two books by Janet Evanovich. I'm sure I'll carve out some time this weekend to start diving into book two - Two For The Dough.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend! Stay warm, stay safe and have fun!!!

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