Thursday, February 23

well, it's official

Life is funny! One day your hours are reduced, and the next you have a new job title. LOL I am now "officially" no longer an admin. My new position.... Program Support. I was left a message from my manager to change my voicemail to reflect this change. Oh, and also do some administrative tasks for him! Bwaahaahaahaa!!!!

Now the big task.... making sure that the administrative tasks are redirected and that no one gives me a headache over it. At least it's progress, right!?


Stacie said...

I am so happy for you!! :)

Sara said...


Liss said... a raise coming with this title change???

I hope so because you sooooo deserve it.

So...potentially coming to visit you. Aren't you excited??? You should probably be a little scared too though ;)

Sharma said...

Congratulations! Hopefully it comes with a BIG raise and some benefits?

Liss said...

moved my blog to

may be moving again...just wanted to let you know.