Thursday, October 19

Thursday Thirteen - Round 1

I almost forgot I was going to start Thursday Thirteen this week! Found the idea from Stacie. Thanks chica! Guess it's a blog trend right now, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon. Basic rules: You post it every Thursday (which I almost forgot!), you create the theme (might be hard sometimes), then list thirteen things that fall under that theme. I hope you try it too!

Thursday Thirteen - Round 1: Thirteen Things on My Breakfast Bar

1. Coffee maker
2. Bottle of Merlot
3. Telephone
4. Plant
5. Candles
6. Leaves (collected by Wesley while on a walk)
7. Camera
8. Computer
9. Books
10. Keys
11. Sunglasses
12. Organizer
13. School photos


HuheyGroove said...

Next week....13 places I never thought I'd find my underwear but did.

Following week.....13 reasons I wanted to kill a fellow driver

And then.....13 ways I've said NO to my child/ren

Stacie said...

LMAO, I like hu's ideas! :D

Lisa said...

nice... i doubt i could think of 13 places my panties have been, let alone places i never thought i'd find them

Stacie said...

sure sure you say that now!