Tuesday, October 31


Happy Halloween!
It's that time again... ding-dong, trick-or-treat, "no we can't go to that house, the lights are off", sugar bugs reeking havoc on the teeth, spooktacular time of year! Oh joy! And this year, we get to wear several layers of clothes, hats, gloves, and big jackets just so we don't get frostbite while walking around in the 23 degree weather. Sheesh! At least it's not raining.
I was informed last night that my darling son had made plans with a classmate to gather the goods together. Uh huh! We already have plans to hoof it with the neighbors. So, classmate's mother calls and I break the news. Trying to be nice I invite them to come with us. She tells me the plan - they're meeting other classmate and mother in a neighborhood none of us live in. Notsomuch! Then, somehow, after hanging up the phone... I realize she's invited herself over an hour after we already go out. WTH? So now I gotta entertain tonight too? Ugh!
I'm sure you remember this from growing up, but it was really funny to hear WJ saying it this morning. (And guess who taught it to him? Classmate he made plans with!)
Trick-or-Treat, smell my feet
give me something good to eat!
If you don't, I don't care
I'll pull down your underwear.

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Stacie said...

Happy Halloween! Awesome pumpkin!!