Monday, October 30

book update

Another one done! I bought the second in the series, Undead and Unemployed, on Saturday around 3:00PM. By 10:00AM the following morning... done.

I knew I should have bought all the remaining ones right away. Now I've been forced to start reading other things. Not that these others are bad (though I am having a hard time getting into one I picked up last night), it's just not the same. Oh well! This looks like it's shaping up to be a busy week, so I probably won't have much reading time anyway. Unless, of course, I break down and get Undead and Unappreciated!


Stacie said...

Get going-and this time splurge and get the rest of them! LOL
Glad to hear you are enjoying them. They really are fantastic books, huh?

Lisa said...

They really are!
I tried to get them all today, but they only had the 4th one. I'm on a call list for when the 3rd comes in, and then I'll have to go on the hunt for the 5th.