Tuesday, October 3

back against the wall (update)

My prankster is back!

Well, I don't know if he/she ever left, but there hadn't been any pranks... until I wrote about it. :-)

Wesley goes to bed at 8pm on school nights... and I am ususally a night owl. Last night, however, I headed up around 11pm. Anyway, as you can calculate, I was the only one downstairs and awake for the 3 hours between 8pm-11pm. AND, I know I used the downstairs toilet several times during that time.

When I came down just a few minutes ago and went in to pee, how do you think I found the toilet??? Yep! Lid and seat fully up! LOL

Now does that make you want to sit with your back against the wall?


Stacie said...

My back is against the wall! LOL! How crazy is that! Someone knows you love them!

HuheyGroove said...

back against the wall or butt in the bowl....

too funny.

Norman said...

see?? it's not what they do, but that they DO it!!

Lots of people tell me that my ghost shouldn't scare me because it's not trying to kill me or anything, but it's just not NORMAL!