Tuesday, January 17

working from home is highly overrated

This is the first job I've had where it's okay to work from home. Almost everyone on my team works from home at least one day a week. I worked from home yesterday because Wesley didn't have school, and I don't have backup child care when the school is closed. I figured I'd be interruped a hundred times with crazy questions and requests, but since I was working from home, I had all day and all night to get things done. He was a dream!! And I am so proud of him.

I started at 6:30am. Why? I was up, didn't have to commute, so why not!? I took my obligatory "stretching" breaks that telecommuters are supposed to take, and at 3:00pm I shut down my laptop. My eyes were burning. My butt was sore from sitting. And my brain was hurting. I accomplished more in one day of working at home than I ever do going to the office. Maybe that's why they like us to work from home? Productivity! Like I said... it's highly overrated. So, today it's back to the office for me. Whew!


Liss said...

They recently took a poll in my office to see which of us would be interested in telecommuting. i said i would be but not every day. i would need at least one or two days in the office a week to still feel connected, plus i don't want to start to hate being at my house because i only associate it with work ;)

Jessica B. said...

Hey! You changed to pink!

Sorry, no advice on working from home, but I'm so glad Mr. Wesley was cooperative for you!