Tuesday, January 3

thinking pink

As my life has taken me in a different direction this past year, my clothes have gone through a semi-metamorphosis as well. While black still remains my favorite color (even though it isn't really a color at all, but the absence of color) by choice I introduced green. Not drab green... vibrant, lime green. Then there was orange (at the insistance of Wesley). Shades of red and brown have also always been staples. But pink? I am NOT pink! Or am I??? Apparently this year I am.

During my most recent shopping trip to Walmart, after filling the cart with items for Wesley, I ventured to the clothing department to see if I might find something... anything... And what do I buy? A pink shirt!! Solid pink. Pastel even.

This is DEFINITELY going to be a different year for me.


Liss said...

Pink is fun and exciting, yet innocent and sweet all at the same time. Welcome to my world Lisa. It's just a matter of time before everyone joins ;)

By the way, I'm glad that your high profile, ahem, job and other out of control things are not making MIA or AWOL anymore. It is good to see that you are back!

Stacie said...

Apparently pink is this year's black...or so THEY say...


Terri said...

Oh, I wanna see a pic of you in a pink shirt!!!! That is definitely a Kodak moment! ;)

Love ya!