Tuesday, January 10

rain and dirt a mudslide make

Normally my drive to work isn't bad. Once I drop off Wesley I head on up to the 109 exit to get on the Interstate. Even though I'm heading a bit out of my way, I avoid all sorts of traffic where they have stupidly built a Home Depot across the street from a Walmart, and are in the process of building a Costco next to the Home Depot.

But today, after last night's rain and winds, was a different story.

7:25 am - I left the school parking lot on my way to the Interstate. The traffic report comes on the radio and they announce there is a mudslide in the right lane of Southbound traffic of I-5. No problem (I'm thinking) since I'm on my way Northbound.

7:30 am - On the ramp at the 109 exit I see a parking lot of cars on Northbound 1-5. An ambulance is coming up behind me, so I'm assuming it's just an accident.

7:35 am - I call a friend at work to tell her I'm stuck in traffic only to find out that the stupid radio traffic report is wrong and the mudslide is in Northbound lanes. Traffic is at a crawl (and a pedestrian walking on the shoulder of the Interstate after breaking down is walking just as fast as I'm driving) and I'm getting no where fast. Almost 20 minutes later I make it to exit 111... the very exit I was trying to avoid in the first place.

Needless to say, by the time I wound my way off the Interstate, across town, and down the back roads, I hit the parking lot of my office building at 8:30 am. It was awful!

If the same happens tomorrow, I'm coming back home and working remotely for the day. Ugh!


Jessica B. said...

I think you should work remotely every day! ;)

Terri said...

I agree with Jessica 100%!!!!! Working from home every day sounds very appealing!! ;)

Love ya & please be safe!!

Stacie said...

here here! i concur!