Monday, August 20

a pseudo vacation of sorts

It's been a long time since I've had a vacation. A very long time by "real" vacation standards. We're talking a decade. And the last "vacation out of the state to see family/friends" was over 3 years ago. So this week I am taking a "pseudo" vacation. What's that? It's when you don't go anywhere and still you get some free time and personal space.

This is all possible because the little man has gone to the East coast with his father for 13 nights.

I've not been away from him for more than 3 nights in all his 7 years, so leading up to his departure I was having a really hard time of it. That, and dealing with all the other unexplained shit going on in my life right now, had me pretty down. But ya know what? He's been gone for 5 nights so far and things haven't been as horrible as I'd imagined. In fact, there's some really good things about this little break.

There's no packing involved for a "pseudo" vacation. All the comforts of home are right there, all the time, for you to enjoy. You can wash clothes, dishes, clean the house, or do none of the above at any hour you choose because there's no one around to wake. And you don't have to worry if your favorite jeans aren't clean, or your little travel sized bottles are empty.

You can stay up until way-FREAKIN-too-late on Saturday night because you don't have anyone that needs feeding, attention, or otherwise to take care of on Sunday morning.

You don't have to fight about what to watch on the teevee and can park your ass for 5 hours in front of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and skip all the boring sports. Yum!

You can read, uninterrupted.

You can get up on a workday and only have to worry about getting yourself ready. No picking out someone's clothes, making breakfast, cleaning up dishes, making sure teeth are brushed, packing lunches, and playing taxi driver.

You can eat, or not eat, dinner at any time you choose. And eat whatever you want!

You can count the days until one of your best friends arrives and know that you will party like there's no tomorrow, and then party some more.

Oh, yes, I'm enjoying my "pseudo" vacation very much. I just wish I didn't miss the little man as much as I do.


Sizzle said...

sounds like you are living it up and making the best of it- good! of course you miss him though.

kapgar said...

It seems like even when I have a pseudo vacation, I still get nothing done. How sad is that?

Lesley said...

Yay for pseudo vacation! That sounds very fun.

So is Rock of Love worth checking out? I keep seeing the commercials for it while watching the Scott Baio trainwreck. I love me up some celebreality!

Liss said...

The only thing that could add to your pseudo vacation is no work...oh and if both stace and i were there to keep you company.

Glad you are enjoying yourself. i was worried about you.

creative-type dad said...

My pseudo vacation's are those rare sick days.

Barely enough time for a movie

Freak Magnet said...

omg, I hate reality dating shows, but I SOOOOO dig Rock of Love. Especially when Bret gets pissed off after he finds out one of the girls tried to bang Vanilla Ice.

Groove said...

Nah...Watching Vanilla Ice lose the bet to Jewel on Celeb Bull riding was better...

ZOMFG....did I just admit to seeing that?

Dx said...

Sorry for interrupting your relaxation but thought I'd wish you a nice vacation. Enjoy, they'll be back before you know it.

Dan said...

Lisa, it's like being single all over again (without children of course).

Enjoy. You'll see your little guy soon enough. :)

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