Saturday, April 7

hoop-dee-dooin' kinda night

After enjoying two days of 75-80 degree weather we awoke to rain today. Usual for this area at this time of the year but definitely putting glitch in our plans to finish up the welcoming Spring yardwork and bulb planting. We spent the day indoors, playing games, messing with the half installed dishwasher, doing some laundry, and washing some dishes. Between the karate classes and spending time outside this past week, I think we were both feeling a little pent up.

As we started scanning through OnDemand for a movie to watch, cable reset itself (as it does at least once a day) and we couldn't get anything other than the regular stations. So WJ opened the drawers holding our movie collection (DVDs and video tapes - yes, we still have stuff on video) and pulled out Hoop-Dee-Doo! (For those of you who aren't familiar with this classic, it's a Wiggles DVD.) With lots of laughter and memories, we Hoop-Dee-Doo'd the night away.

We haven't watched the Wiggles in about a year, but when WJ was younger we used to live, eat, and breathe the Wiggles. We went to see them twice and were both very sad when Greg announced he was leaving due to medical problems. Because of the constant action, dancing, and singing, I've often said I was tempted to pull out our old collection and pop it in to use as exercise videos. Tonight, that's just what we did.

I leave you with one of our favorites. If you don't feel like getting up and dancing with this one, there's just something wrong with you.


Liss said...

Ahar there me hoytey!

Stacie said...

Quack quack quack a doodle-y doo!!