Monday, April 30

hi! how's it going?

So, apparently this is a day of blogger silence in memory of the victims at Virginia Tech. While I feel badly for what happened, the victims and their families, I apologize. I just can't be silent.


You may now return you to your moment of silence.


Groove said...

Blogger Silence? Whatever. Just like I'm making damn sure I buy gas on 15May.

Oh yeah, Congrats Kiddo :)

Time for the walking to commence!

creative-type dad said...

Wow! Congrats

Sizzle said...

uh, i had no idea it was blogger silence day. i didn't get the memo. and here i was wondering where in the hell all my commenters were!


cheers, you rock. :P

Marni said...

It was? I didn't get the memo.

Anywho --

YAY on the job! Details please.

Dan said...

Well, today is May 1, so I can say CONGRATULATIONS dear!!!

I KNEW you would get it! Awesomeness!

Thanks for linking to me, by the way. I'm going to link to you right now! Hugs!

Freak Magnet said...

Cungradulashuns!! (Yeah, everybody else is telling you the same thing - I just wanted to be special. Like my mom tells me I am)

Stacie said...


Simplemente... Sakura! said...

I don't live in EUA, I'm so sorry about all the people who dies in Virginia Tech.

I gave my minut of silence too.

Hey... It's good to have a job. Contratulations.

Liss said...

Congrats my friend...i will now uncross all apendages and heave a sigh of relief ;)