Tuesday, June 5

3 out of 5 friends agree

Happiness is something I struggle with daily. Not that I'm an unhappy person most of the time, but there are days, or events, that get me down. Mostly it's frustration and the feeling of being out of control, not really depression, that cause me to either rant and rave uncontrollably, clam up entirely, or physically shut down.

I truly have a lot to happy about, and have constant reminders and reinforcement. Some things that make me happy are:
  • my son
  • music
  • friends
  • working
  • being able to pay the bills without worrying if I have enough money
  • knowing that I'm putting money back into my unemployment account should I need it in the future
  • my health, and the health of family and friends
  • beer
  • good food
  • my house
  • my computer
With all these happy things surrounding me you'd think I'd be bouncing off the walls with excitement. Notsomuch. Fortunately I've got friends - 3 out of 5 that agree - whatever makes me happy is good.

Now if I can just convince myself.


Groove said...

Just Beer? Harder is better Darlin.

And I agree...whatever makes you happy is DAMN good.

Jay said...

"Makes" is a good word where happiness is concerned - it doesn't just happen, sometimes you have to force it. But we should all be more responsible for our own happiness - if we're unhappy, isn't it our own fault?

Savy said...

I think that there are different shades and flavors of happiness too, and you can't find all the same ones in the same place. And sometimes it's ok to just NOT be happy, even if everything else tells you that you should be. Struggling to feel happy when you just don't isn't going to make you happy. And maybe you are happy, but it's a flavor of happiness you don't recognize as easily as the super-sugary-sweet happiness that everyone wants all the time.

Sizzle said...

happiness is an elusive little bugger. i always feel like something is missing which is a feeling i don't wish upon anyone.

i think maybe you need to drink MORE beer.

i kid. ;) don't use my coping mechanisms!

the weirdgirl said...

I totally hear you about not taking the good things in life for granted but it's still OK to feel down sometimes, too. I think it's hard to describe much of adult life as "happy". It's life, you know? You don't have to bounce. It's when you feel down all the time that you should worry.

I'm good with "content", punctuated with a little fun, or at least keeping the bad moments to a minimum. Personally, some of the bittersweet happy moments have lasted in my memory a lot longer than the sugary-sweet ones. And when the frustration build up I DO just let it all out in a rant! Spice of life baby!

creative-type dad said...

I would have to ask - what kind of beer? Because all of them aren't created equal...