Friday, May 4

who knew small animals didn't enjoy being stapled together

Seems it's never a dull day in the neighborhood anymore.

One of the nuisances of living in a developing suburban neighborhood is the disturbance of the wildlife and their habitat. As they keep building around us, the animals keep coming closer, and getting tamer. These buggers are so tame they actually stare you down, daring you to try something so they can come after you.
Today, these two decide to try to wrangle with my 100 plus pound dog but decided taking the high road into the trees was a better idea.
(Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

See what I mean about staring ya down?

And if one pair of eyes boring a hole through you isn't bad enough, how about two?

After 'bout 30 minutes, they came down and regrouped...

...then tried to get on the neighbor's roof.


Freak Magnet said...

I saw one at the dumpster when I came home the other night. Even though it was dark and therefore time for them to be out and about, all I could think was rabies.


Groove said...

I've seen bigger. I've taken care of bigger....I'd have had a field day.

But then again my neighbors love my work.

Jay said...

Oh jeepers. I hate when they're so bold. For years people have been calming me with "they're more afraid of you than you are of them" but now it seems it is no longer true.

Savy said...

I used to like raccoons when I lived in Chicago. We'd see this family come out of the trees and head for the dumpster in a single file line, big one in front, the babies in the middle, big one in back. It was like a cartoon.

Cartoon faded after moving to the country (vermont) and the raccoons became vicious (they kill all our chickens and ducks, and they kill cats and stuff too) and my husband had to get into a sword fight at 2 am with one (the worst part is, I'm totally serious about the sword. *sigh* I can't explain my husband, but I love him.)

Sizzle said...

raccoons scare the crap out of me. too many run ins with them. :)