Saturday, May 19

my week in bullets

I've thought about bullets a lot this week. Being shot down. Being the shooter. Trying to catch you all up with my week in bullets. So, here we are. The highlights (and lowlights) of the week.

Neighborly Drama - The evil spawn is up to no good again. This time I got the clear picture after he smacked another neighbor kid upside the head - twice. I finally went down the street to talk to victim's mother, and boy did I get an earful! Not only did I hear about all the crap evil spawn's done to victim, I witnessed a pissing match between Mrs. A and victim's grandmother (a fiesty hispanic woman who ain't taking evil spawn's shit no mo). I know evil spawn is ADHD, and I'm sympathetic to any child living with that. What I'm not sympathetic to is the slacker parent who sets the spawn free to reek havoc and then pisses and moans when she's told evil spawn's behavior will not be tolerated. Get off your lazy butt and control your spawn!

When Trains Collide - Generally speaking my commute to The Winnebago isn't all that bad. Drive across town, pop on the Interstate, and a couple exits later I'm off. This is assuming that two trains don't derail effing up the backroad traffic detouring it down the mountian and dumping it at the tiny little intersection in the basin where the onramp I use is. I'm pretty sure I was on time at least once this week. Of course being on a modified work schedule for the next couple of weeks has its advantages.

The Winnebago - Training is done and I'm in the pits. Seriously. Digging out from under all the crap that rolled downhill from two people ago. My trainer has been trying to dig out for the past 14 months and still isn't done. Now it's my turn to pick up a shovel. And this is all the back end cleanup, not counting the new stuff that comes in every day. I am in email hell. Within 5 minutes I can have upwards of 20-30 new messages in my inbox. And that's not counting the 20 or so that fill up my home email waiting for attention when I get home.

Elections - Most of the home email is related to the election. No, not the Presidential election. The BOD election at school. Somehow I was drafted to be a campaign manager for two new candidates vying for the two open spots on the BOD. The change is seriously needed, but with only two spots open and six total BOD members, it's not even enough to tie the voting at this point. What really needs to happen is ousting the administration. Then again, I'm not totally invested in this like others are since I've decided I'm tired of paying for the priviledge of an effed up administration and would rather have one for free. The kiddo's headed to public school next year.

Final Note - Thanks to all of you for your supportive messages on my last post. It will probably be quite awhile before I'll be able to say much more on the subject I was alluding to, but wanted you to know I have an army of support now and am confident things will work out. So no more thinking of bullets. And no more bullets to write about right now.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

We have a neighbor whose kid has ADHD and when he gets out of hand like that, his mom completely puts him in yah, it can and should be done, pshhht!

Savy said...

I don't even think it's the ADHD if these kids have it. It's usually the parents not giving a crap - as your nieghbor does. OR a mean streak, which is even worse. :(

Groove said...

Last I checked, ADHD doesn't make you an asshole, bully, white-trash waste of DNA.

But I know all is getting better everywhere else. I'll spin up another pipin' can of wonderful here for ya :)

Stacie said...

Hiya. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Sizzle said...

hope you're getting some well deserved rest. :)

creative-type dad said...

Not to be mean here, but the vast majority of kids I know who supposedly have "ADHD" come from some of the laziest/dumbest parents.

I know there are some serious cases of it, but it seems like too many people use it as an excuse for bad parenting.

Lisa said...

I wasn't trying to imply that there's something "wrong" with ADD/ADHD kids. As I said in the post, I'm sympathetic to anyone (child or adult) that has to live with it. I was simply making a point that the parents, namely the mother, should be more involved in her children's activities and not so much in her own crap.

Like Tony said, "too many people use it as an excuse for bad parenting."