Friday, March 17

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It's FRIDAY!!!! It could NOT have come any sooner. Work's been hellish, WJ's been driving me nuts, and I am SO ready for the weekend. So here' s the weekly catch up........

Kid gets home from the weekend with his dad. Half hour back home...... fever. 2am........ puking. Next day somewhere around 4pm......... fever breaks and I've got Damien on my hands. Not exactly the way I wanna start out the week. Been fine ever since.

Next day...... just the ssdd at work.

Day after that...... only thing I can kinda remember is staying up WAY WAY too late. Two and a half hours of sleep make the following day very long.

Then there's the day everyone felt the need to visit my cube and tell me about this and that, bitch and gripe, ask opinions, try to get info, want something, need something, and pretty much ANY and EVERY other thing you can think anyone would stop by. The result........ very little accomplished. But, going off of the 2.5 hrs of sleep.......... it was probably a good day for it to happen since not much else was.

Which brings us to today...... freakin' ghost town at work. Wished I'd brought WJ's bowling set with me. It would of helped to pass the time. Left early to take WJ for an eye appointment. Good news is he's now up to 20/20 right and 20/25 left from the original 20/20 right and 20/40 left. The bad news is he still has to wear the specs. Not bad news for any other reason than he SO wants to play sports, so now I'm going to have to invest in a pair of sports specs. Chaching! Got home from the appt and was enjoying my first beer when the phone rings and a friend is having woes. Her husband is a putz. And he's just taken all his frustration out on her. Um, NO!! Deal with your problems instead of trying to place blame on someone else. So, she and her son came over for awhile so she could "get another opinion" on stuff. And now......... food. Need to get some since I've not eaten yet today. Then again, the way the scale's reading these days, I might not eat just so I can watch the numbers continue to plummet.

Have a good one!!! And go update your blog you slacker.

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