Thursday, December 13

lovin' in the blogiverse

Tomorrow is Blog Crush Day. What's that you ask? I'll tell you.

The brainchild (or children in this case) of Blog Crush Day are Sizzle and Sandra and it's a day created as a way for bloggers to reveal their secret adoration for a fellow blogger.

I've spent the past week trying to narrow down my blog crush from the many super fantasic bloggers in the blogiverse and still haven't figured out who it is. I guess you'll just have to come back tomorrow to find out. *wink* And if you haven't figured out who your blog crush is yet, get on it. The clock's a tickin'!


Sizzle said...

that's right people! ;)

sandra and i have adjusted the rules and if you can't just pick ONE you can pick more than one but listing your entire blogroll is just not going to fly.

Anonymous said...

I love Blog Crush day! It's like its own little version of a holiday. Mostly, I think it is nice to see everyone throw love at people, no matter who it is :).

I've got mine picked but mine was sort of a cinch this year.

Good luck narrowing it down!

wgathen said...

I just love all these blog community events and the such. NaBlahblahblah. memes, and now blog crush day. I may have to indulge....

kilax said...

Can't wait to find out! I already posted mine :)