Friday, December 14

can you feel the love?

I've never been one to make decisions lightly, especially when it comes to favorites. There's always bits and pieces and heaps and piles of reasons why I like something. If there wasn't, there's no reason to like it in the first place, right? I hated being chosen as team captain in school. The dread of having to pick "my team" -- knowing that someone would get their feelings hurt -- made me want to bury my head in the sand. So, you can imagine how hard it's been trying to pick my Blog Crush. {sigh}

Thankfully Sizzle and Sandra took pity on the poor disfuntional people like me and are allowing us to pick more than one. Thanks girls!

So, without futher babbling from the peanut gallery, I present my Blog Crush(es) for 2007:

Miss Sizzle - How can you not love this girl!?! Whether she's turning introspective, telling us about that cutest of little guys in her life, or sitting bedside with a friend in need the humor, compassion, and even humility pour out of her soul for all to share. There's no wondering who Sizzle is. She lays it all out there for us; the good and the bad. Even though we only live about an hour away, and haven't had the opportunity to meet face-to-face yet, I consider her a friend and definitely have a (blog) crush on this this girl! Love ya, sistah!!

Bill from Make it a Double - As a recent addition to my blogroll, my crush on Bill gets stronger and stronger. A wordsmith who brings every day emotion and actions to life like no other, you can read about his beautiful boys, boogie with his alter ego "M.C. Shadoe", and laugh at the subtle way he mixes it up. Bill found me (yes, he came looking for me so he might just have a teensy weensy crush on me too) during the NaBlahHellICan'tDoThisEverydayNoMo days, and I've been hooked, and crushin', on him ever since.

There's so many, many more that I crush on but since I don't want to break the rules and list my entire blogroll, this is it for 2007. Peace out.


Sizzle said...

me?! ohmygoodness i am so touched. i adore you to sisterfriend! one of these days we'll meet. :)

thanks for participating!! you're awesome.


Anonymous said...

Great choices!!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh-Oh Lisa've revealed our love affair to the world. Our secret is out. Yes world I have a crush on Lisa too. It started with the picture on her homepage but had grown much deeper and more intense. Honestly, I use google reader as aggregator for my feeds and I always scroll down to see if you've posted. You know what they say about flattery don't you? That's right...gets you everywhere with me....and with M.C. Shadoe...especially with the Shadoe. He needs constant reinforcement. ;)

Anonymous said...

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