Friday, July 27

someone has a crush on me

Someone has a crush on me. Hehe! I'm not sure what I did to warrant him having this crush but I like it. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and kinda school-girlish. (And, yes, I went to a parochial school, so put that in your image maker minds! LOL)

So you probably want to know who this crush is, yes? It's none other than Neilochka at Citizen of the Month. I was just toodling through his site this morning before heading off to work and happened to notice my blog listed in his sidebar, there on the right hand side under the Blog Crush of the Day listing. There's a new blog listed there now, but I know I saw it and it put a smile on my face. And, if damned blogger hadn't been giving me fits this morning, I would have posted this then instead of now. Doesn't matter. I still know I was Neil's blog crush for a day. Yay me!

Can I just tell you how freakin happy I am that's it's Friday? Good Lord, this week's been crazy! Just little things - like almost getting run over by a semi on the Interstate, getting a migraine while driving (after almost getting run over by a semi on the Interstate), dealing with the rotten kids in the neighborhood playing ding-dong-ditch at my front door, stupid drivers that seem to think if you don't know where you're going it's okay to stop in the middle of the road to figure it out, getting called into the bosses office just before leaving to find out that your workload is increasing by half a head, and dealing with little Mr. Diarrhea of the Mouth for the past two days.

Knowing that I am someone's crush has made it all worthwhile. Peace out!


creative-type dad said...


I haven't heard that in years. Are you sue they're not drunk 30-year olds?

Freak Magnet said...

What about me? I have a crush on you every day. You're the first and last thing on my mind every day. And I think of ways to get up there to see you and admire you through your windows. I write you crush letters in my blood. DO I NOT COUNT?!?!?

Lisa said...

Tony - Yep, I know exactly who it is and if it happens again they're going to be sorry.

FM - I said crush not stalker!

Groove said...

We never called it 'ding-dong-ditch'.

Then again I have a FOUL mouth :)

Sizzle said...

you're so crush worthy!

i used to feel bad when my neighborhood pals would ring the bell and ditch. man, i was such a goody goody.

the weirdgirl said...

Aw... aren't crushes lovely? That would make my day, too.

And I'm really glad you didn't get run over by that semi.