Wednesday, July 11

brother can you spare an ice cube?

Does anyone have a couple of fans to spare? Even a few dozen bags of ice to throw in the tub would be great. We're burning up here! It's a scorching 94 today after hitting 90 yesterday and never dropping lower than the mid 60's last night. The best thing about today was going to work. Yep, bet you didn't see that one coming. They've got A/C, and lots of it. So much, in fact, that stepping outside every now and then for a smoke actually felt good, defrosting the bones for a few minutes. Coming home to a house with no A/C that only had the windows cracked all day since we can't give the creeps attempting to break in any help, notsomuch good.

Speaking of creeps, I'm confident that the attempted break-in of my front door was definitely someone up to no good. When we (my neighbor and I) changed the locks, we found damage on the door frame and weather stripping obviously made from a sharp object (like a screwdriver or something). Then last weekend, another neighbor from down the block came home from being away over the 4th and told us about thier dog sitter walking in to two young males in zipped up, hooded sweatshirts and sunglasses trying to break in thier backyard windows. She called the cops, but by the time they arrived the culprits were gone (of course!). I'm thinking it's time for a neighborhood watch program and a few lessons in target practice (HINT, HINT!!!).

On the lighter side of things, I finally got my hair cut today. After waking up from my mid-morning migraine nap on Monday I remembered I'd wanted to call and make an appointment. Lucky for me she had an opening this afternoon, which I gladly took. Nothing much different except all the dead ends and scragglies are now gone. Oh, and there's less to tie up off my neck on hot days like this. I just love the feel the first day of a haircut. My whole head feels lighter. No, it's not the air seeping out of my ears!

One last random thought since I've jumped around a lot here and am now hot and sweaty from doing so. I couldn't help myself from checking out my rating. Hehe! I am pleased to announce that I've hit the big time, baby!! This blog is Rated R.

Online Dating

My rating is based on the following:
  • shit (9x)
  • crap (3x)
  • dead (2x)
  • kill (1x)
So now that I'm done rambling about crap you could care less about, I'm gonna go crack another brewski to cool down before this shitty heat kills me dead. Peace out, bitches!


Liss said...

no picture of your new do?

Sizzle said...

it is toooooooooo hot. i'm melting.

i want to see the new 'do. ;)

a neighborhood watch program sounds like a very good idea.

Groove said...

Hint??? hmmmmmm

On another note, I really don't think I'm NC-17. There's some archival material that isn't close to NC-17...whatever.

Freak Magnet said...

WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! I'm a 'G' rating. The only thing against me was ONE FART. That thing is a farce.

creative-type dad said...

Not only a neighborhood watch, but a militia with fire torches and axes.

Jay said...

Oh boy, if you ever come across those hoodlums - watch out!

Mine was rated R too, although they granted this based on words that I think are really not so bad, and ignored the many words and ideas that were far worse.

Dx said...

Why do you guys get all the graet weather. I'm sitting here amidst rain with a temp of only 10 degrees. The temeperatures you are getting is what we set our ovens to. Enjoy the sunshine.

L.A. Daddy said...

Actually, that's not all that hot. But... you might have more humidity there, huh? It's 88 here now but it's not bad.

My blog was rated R too. But it was for violent shit? It didn't find a single curse word. I was humiliated.