Thursday, September 7

could it be?

Week 1 - The "forced" vacation. I relaxed, played, slept in and basically had some fun! It was great!!

Week 2 - Time to get in gear. Lots of stuff around the house, a little bit of fun, and lots and lots of hours spent on applications and resumes.

Week 3 - Enough of this SHIT!!!

Last night I hit an alltime low. I was pissy and throwing a pity party for myself. I was in serious hope that after the long holiday weekend I'd start to hear something. And I did. Two "thanks but no thanks letters" arrived from the city and the state patrol. Well pfffft!!! I am SICK of not working. I feel like my brain is rotting away.

Then, today, a glimmer of hope. A call on a resume I sent out two days after my layoff. The guy was more than interested. Kept making reference to "your job" and "what you want to make it"... I've only heard that sort of speak after the interview and before an offer. I have an interview (woohoo!) on Monday morning. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high... so we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks to those of you who've been more than supportive during this chaos and drama filled life of mine. You know who you are... and what it means to me.

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