Thursday, September 7

1st grade

Yesterday was Wesley's first day of school. The 1st grade. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday he was starting Kindergarten.... then summer came and went.... and now he's back to school again.

It was kinda nice to be "off" to see him to school. After getting his stuff put up in the classroom we headed up to the gym for morning prayer. With all the classes in "formation" I noticed just how small the new Kindergarten class looked. It was hard to believe that our kids looked that tiny... that scared... that wondering just a year ago. And now, they stood there confident... ready to face the challenges ahead.

In Wesley's words "My first day was GREAT!" It's good to hear and hope it doesn't change for a long time to come. His teacher this year is a wonderful lady who is both caring and challenging. I just hope Wesley meets the challenge head on.

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