Tuesday, September 25

life on fast forward

The summer ended, school began, and life started moving forward even faster than it already had been. Most days it seems our lives are on fast forward, with days full of more activities than we really want, and not enough downtime in between, which would explain my lack of blog writing, reading and commenting.

With that said, and only a few minutes to spare before my hamster wheel starts rolling again for the night, here's a random list of some of our activities and events over the past couple of weeks.

1. First Day of Second Grade - The little man started 2nd grade. 2nd grade, my God!! Where does the time go? He was thrilled to be back in school and came home the first day saying how much he "really" likes his teacher. When asked what he likes so much about her he replied, "She doesn't yell at us." I laughed and reminded him, "It is only the first day of school, buddy. And if you guys treat Miss M like you treated Mrs. T last year, I'm sure she'll be yelling at you too before the end of the school year."

2. PKD Walk - On Sunday, September 16th we walked a 6k with some friends from work for the PKD Foundation. Thank you so much to those of you who donated money to support this very worthwhile cause! It was a cold and grey day, but we had fun nonetheless and raised a little over $400 for the foundation. Don't we look hawt in our oversized (and overpriced) PKD shirts!?! If you want to see more pics you can cruise on over to my Picasa site and check 'em out.

3. Teevee - So the kiddo and I were total BB8 whores this season. Didn't miss a single episode. And were we happy when my man Dick won. Woohoo!! Now we're on to Survivor China. So far my favorite is James, but there's only been one episode so I'm not totally married to that idea yet. Then again, I did pick Dick from the first episode and stuck with him all the way, so whythefucknot. I'm picking James to win Survivor.

4. Party Weekend(s) - It was party central starting last Friday. Two friends from work celebrated birthdays (one turned the big five oh!), then we had the Welcome Back picnic at school on Saturday, and a birthday party for one of WJ's classmates at Skateland on Sunday. I can't tell you the last time I was on a pair of skates but I strapped them puppies on and had a total blast. Even came in second in a race for the 9 and older crowd. (The 9 year old won. On a pair of blades. Damn! I knew I shoulda gone with those.) This coming Saturday we'll be officially celebrating all the September birthdays at Girls Night "In", and the following weekend we have a baby shower to go to. Talk about a packed social calendar.

So that's the highlights. I won't bore you with the details of the drama in my life, the ever increasing workload, or the school committees I've somehow found myself on. I promise to try to catch up on all the posts I've missed reading as soon as I can.

In the meantime. Cheers!


Marni said...

I LOVE James! He just needs to stay his quiet self and not become a threat... if he does that he will go FAAAARRR!!!!

Sizzle said...

cheers to you!

Terri said...

Hey chica - please email me! I'd like to chat with ya - okay??? XO

Terri said...

Oh, BTW - I picked Dick the very 1st episode also!!! Was he just not way too fun???? LOL!!

Freak Magnet said...

Brave soul to get on skates. I have a hard enough time on blades, but skates kick my ass.

L.A. Daddy said...

My, you have been busy. Glad the walk helped raise some fundage. Glad I could help.