Tuesday, August 1

referral denied

It's pretty bad when you have to submit a resume for review by some anonymous person, and they're the one who decides if they will give you a referral to the company looking to hire. I submitted such referral request this morning and by this afternoon I have a lovely email with the subject line "Referral Denied".

Let's take a look at the job posting and how I meet (or EX-freakin-CEED) the damn qualifications, shall we!?!

Job Requirements:
* AA Degree; Check!
* Five (5) years of increasingly responsible administrative support experience; I only have 15+, so apparently this should read "No more than five (5) years..."
* Strong computer skills, including MS Office Suite applications; proficiency w/ MS Access is a plus; MS Office Suite, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Photoshop, PrintShop, Acrobat... just to name a few
* Excellent written & verbal communication and customer service skills; last time I checked English was my first freakin language
* Self-motivated & self-initiating, with the ability to organize & prioritize workload, anticipate, plan and multi-task; uh... yeah... kinda have to have all these to do any freakin job, don't ya!?
* Detail-oriented, able to review & understand general instructions, prepare & provide detailed information, yet flexible and adaptable to change; English... I speak English
* Valid WA State Driver's License and own reliable transportation & telephone; I sure hope so since I'm putting at least 30 miles a day on my car and paying out the ass for all the gas
* Pass pre-employment drug screening and reference check. Check... done that 7 months ago

Maybe Stacie's right... I better go scope out my old street corner.


Stacie said...

What a total load of shit. You know, when I was looking for a job, I hated being overqualified. I always felt like they should at least see if they like me. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

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