Saturday, May 6

yeah, it's been a week........

And I still haven't said much here. My week's been filled with uncertainty, stupidity, boring drivel, and lots and lots of whining. None of them affecting me (neccessarily), just indirectly affecting me. KWIM?

My three bitches for the week are Johnny Jackass, night terrors and my meds.

Johnny's seen the kid twice in the last two weeks for 2-3 hrs each time. Summer hasn't even started and he's already on his flight plan. Which ties in to bitch #2.... night terrors. In the last week, the kid's had 3 of them. If you (or your kids) have never gone through them, let me just tell you they're AWFUL. Research tells me they're common at this age. It also tells me stress is one of the most common triggers. Yeah, I'd be stressed too if it was "that time" of the year and my Johnny was off playing without me again. Brings all the abandonment issues to the forefront again. And guess who's left holding the bag?

None of this helps with my meds being off. Damn doctors think they know what I need because some medical book gives them a "range". Fuck that! I am not one of the 99 people they tested that live in their freakin' range. But, of course, what do I know since I don't have a medical degree and only know that I was feeling the best I've felt in years and now feel like ass.

Time for another change.


Stacie said...

Wow, look at the new look. I like it. Its cool.
I'm sorry I haven't commented, but I truly missed that you posted it. How horrible of a friend am I or what?!
I like boring drivel. It helps me feel like my life is normal and just like everyone else's.
My comments are short and sweet:
Johnny's name says it all. He's lucky I live where I do.
Night terrors are scary to me. Blame it on Johnny-its definately a major contributor (and I can't think of any other thing to blame it on, to tell you the truth).
Which brings me to your meds...which brings me to the fact that today is Thursday and I know you haven't called your doctor, and I know you won't call tomorrow, and I know Saturday you will wonder why you didn't call. I'll be here to listen to you... ;)
Hey, come update your blog again. hehehe

johnny said...
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