Saturday, April 8

going awol

The rents arrive today. They'll be here for a week. That says it all.


Liss said...

I don't think that is any kind of excuse...MIA!!!

When are you coming to visit...i think that you should've come this weekend since your rents are would have been free and clear for a few days ;)

Miss you!!!

Liss said...

AWOL...MIA haven't your rents been gone since Saturday??? It is now Wednesday!!!

Lisa said...

yes, yes...they are gone...just been having too much FUN and EVIL ;)

Stacie said...

Apparently you would like to talk to Liss on IM rather than update your blog.
Did you ever set up that blog with multiple authors? I would like to see and participate, LOL

HuheyGroove said...

Beer Me