Monday, December 17


Do you ever have one of those days where everything seems to be a train running running down the tracks out of control? Well that was my day today. That on the heels of a non-stop weekend where I literally don't think I sat down until 8pm last night after having gotten started at 7:30am. I'm really jonseing for a little me time to kick back and relax, but no..... that's not gonna happen anytime soon; especially the me time. Tomorrow my parents arrive for their annual holiday visit.

In addition to their arrival I've got work, the little man has his last day of school before Christmas break, and there's the 2pm Christmas party at school that I'm gonna skate out of work to attend. Then it's home to change, wait for the parental arrival, hopefully have enough time to eat dinner and finally scoot out the door to the school Christmas performance..... at 5:45pm. Who in their right mind sets a school function at 5:45pm on the last day of school before a 2 week break? I swear the music teacher needs to retire.

I know it sounds like I'm complaining, and well..... I am. I'm tired. And I'm grumpy. And at this point I just want the holidays overwith so we can resume normal programming. But I'm also aware that this is a very difficult time of year for some so I feel sort of petty with my complaining. I've read on so many blogs in the past week how this is a very depressing time of year for many, and that makes me sad. Especially when it's someone I call a friend. I mean I know we all have our own issues, and our own demons to fight, but there's still a part of me that wishes I could make all the hurt and anger and sadness just disappear.

Sunday, December 16

guest posting

Today I am both honored and humbled to be guest posting over at Snackie's World.

Head on over and plant some smooches on me. And don't forget to check out Hilly's posts too! If you've never visited her playground I'm sure you'll love it.

Friday, December 14

can you feel the love?

I've never been one to make decisions lightly, especially when it comes to favorites. There's always bits and pieces and heaps and piles of reasons why I like something. If there wasn't, there's no reason to like it in the first place, right? I hated being chosen as team captain in school. The dread of having to pick "my team" -- knowing that someone would get their feelings hurt -- made me want to bury my head in the sand. So, you can imagine how hard it's been trying to pick my Blog Crush. {sigh}

Thankfully Sizzle and Sandra took pity on the poor disfuntional people like me and are allowing us to pick more than one. Thanks girls!

So, without futher babbling from the peanut gallery, I present my Blog Crush(es) for 2007:

Miss Sizzle - How can you not love this girl!?! Whether she's turning introspective, telling us about that cutest of little guys in her life, or sitting bedside with a friend in need the humor, compassion, and even humility pour out of her soul for all to share. There's no wondering who Sizzle is. She lays it all out there for us; the good and the bad. Even though we only live about an hour away, and haven't had the opportunity to meet face-to-face yet, I consider her a friend and definitely have a (blog) crush on this this girl! Love ya, sistah!!

Bill from Make it a Double - As a recent addition to my blogroll, my crush on Bill gets stronger and stronger. A wordsmith who brings every day emotion and actions to life like no other, you can read about his beautiful boys, boogie with his alter ego "M.C. Shadoe", and laugh at the subtle way he mixes it up. Bill found me (yes, he came looking for me so he might just have a teensy weensy crush on me too) during the NaBlahHellICan'tDoThisEverydayNoMo days, and I've been hooked, and crushin', on him ever since.

There's so many, many more that I crush on but since I don't want to break the rules and list my entire blogroll, this is it for 2007. Peace out.

Thursday, December 13

lovin' in the blogiverse

Tomorrow is Blog Crush Day. What's that you ask? I'll tell you.

The brainchild (or children in this case) of Blog Crush Day are Sizzle and Sandra and it's a day created as a way for bloggers to reveal their secret adoration for a fellow blogger.

I've spent the past week trying to narrow down my blog crush from the many super fantasic bloggers in the blogiverse and still haven't figured out who it is. I guess you'll just have to come back tomorrow to find out. *wink* And if you haven't figured out who your blog crush is yet, get on it. The clock's a tickin'!

Tuesday, December 11

a taste of winter and runway lights

Sunday morning brought the first official snowfall to our neighborhood. The previous weekend dumped snow across both Western and Eastern Washington but the only thing we saw were beautiful ginormous flakes that just wouldn't stick no matter how fast they fell.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.....I love snow! Though we didn't get enough to really make it worthwhile (read as sledding, making snowmen, etc.) I still had to grab my obligatory neighborhood pics. And then because I'm tricky like that I decided to head outside to put up the outdoor lights.....what better time to decorate the outside of the house for Christmas than during a snowfall?

I didn't get a good pic of the lights flanking both sides of my driveway and winding up the trunks of my "poodle trees" nor the ones wrapping around the garage door, but all figured there are roughly 1500 lights outside and another 1000 or so inside. What can I say? I love lights!

Hoping your holidays are bright!

Monday, December 10

santa baby

So we're eating dinner last night, and I ask the little man about whether he saw Santa this weekend while he was at his dad's.

He said, “No, I already saw Santa.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. When did you see him?” I asked.

“At the Tacoma Dome, remember.....he was sitting in the middle when I went to that stupid show!?”

Trying not to laugh I said, “Well, yeah, I remember you telling me you saw him. I just didn’t know you went and sat on his lap and talked to him.”

The conversation went on and I asked him what he told Santa he wanted for Christmas.

“A car I can drive” he replied.

After explaining he was too young to drive a car he told me he meant one of those kid the one I had that Steve Bauer sat on and broke when I was a kid. I then told him he might be a bit too big for one of those.

“That’s okay. I told him if he couldn’t find one of them I’d take anything.....well, anything except girl stuff.”

That’s my kid!